Hi, I'm Quinn!

portrait of Quinn L. Nelson

My name is Quinn L. Nelson, I'm a student of sociology in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with an interest in gender & sexuality, digital spaces, and the self. I'm also an activist for non-binary inclusion, particularly on the topic government recognition, such as census surveys and identity documents. I go by they/them pronouns.

This website grew out of my absense from social media, as a way to reclaim my identity online. The freedom to express the self is limited on social media platforms. There, we are encouraged to define ourselves with "multiple choice identites", which then get displayed in pre-fabricated profile molds. On social media, we aren't free to express our identities so much as we're free to tell the platform how we want it to express our identities for us. Our identities are atomized, made to be computer legible, which leaves out nuance and idiosyncracies. This website is a resistance to that, as it offers me full creative control to tell you who I am.

As the above makes clear, I'm fascinated and passionate about self-expression online. Some of the research topics I hope to explore include video games as a space for transgender expression; the phenomenon of "quitting" social media, both the discourse around it (eg. #deletefacebook) and the experiences people have when abstaining; expression of polyamory online; and the trans use of selfies.

I also help run PolyamQ, a queer polyamory group in Calgary. We have monthly gaming and coffee meetups, occasional discussion events, and a yearly conference.

As an activist for non-binary inclusion, I've been in the media a few times: